Michael Peter Wilson Slowfib Dawson


You know the reasons I love Mike Dawson are: High IQ, no bullshit attitude, always open to talk and listen to my problems, he’s got such a kind heart, but main reason is because he always fixes my computer when it’s broken.

So Rob Tornroos and I've known Mike since we were five years old.

Mike was always a bit weird growing up.

For example he was a very very particular picky eater. Basically he ate 2 things only: kraft dinner and pancakes. Every once in a while he mixed it up and ate waffles. It was always cool to go over to his house because you know at some point in the day Linda would serve us up a huge plate of waffles with a side of KD. All of Mike's friends knew that his mom's pantry would be stocked with all these untouched boxes of stuff that wouldn't last a day at anybody else’s house: Wagon Wheels, Dunkaroos, Dips Chewy Granola Bars, and this chocolate powdered mix stuff called Instant Breakfast. Just loved sneaking in there.

And he isn't a picky eater anymore. I think his tastebuds were extra sensitive when he was younger so it was always scary for him to eat different foods. He's definitely branched out now and eats all kinds of crazy stuff. But he's still kind of cautious about it, What he does do is warm up his taste buds to eating something… Like you hand this guy a typical, standard chocolate chip cookie and he does this (SNIIIIFFFFFFFF)

In high school not gonna lie, Mike was pretty dorky. Cargo shorts, big backpack. Shy, awkward. He’d walk to my house every morning and we’d walk from there to high school. Thing was I was still asleep when he’d show up so he’d patiently wait as I made him late for school basically every day from Grade 8 to 12.

One morning at 8am I pulled out a joint on the way to school and we smoked up. I’d smoked a bunch of times before but it was Mike’s first time trying it. I was a bit worried about him when we split up in the hallway because he had become basically silent for the past 10 minutes… so lunch time comes around I find Mike zoned out where we agreed to meet and I say yo Mike do you have any Dunkaroos today or Wagon Wheels or anything I am friggin starving.
Mike says dude can I borrow five bucks? I ate my whole lunch in first period man.

After high school Mike became withdrawn.

He had a dark office in his parents house, basically his lair, it was his computer station, he’d keep the blinds closed. I would show up at his house at random times in the evening and I’d sneak around to the office window, I’d hear the heavy metal music pumping in there and see the faint red glow of a lava lamp, and I’d knock on the glass. Then I’d see this middle finger poke through the venetian blinds like this.

During those years I was worried about him and he was probably worried about me. You know people don't really talk about mental health and mental illness much but we both got so messed up in our early twenties. We were isolated and confused and struggling, and Mike really helped me through it. I told him what I was going through and how I felt and he said check this out, check what I found Ryan: he showed me this band called Tool, played some songs and put the lyrics on the computer screen at the same time, and they just spoke to me.  Sometimes the darker music can help you. It basically saved us. Maynard James Keenan and Trent Reznor. Tool and Nine Inch Nails.

One time Mike drove down to Seattle to a Tool concert and got in line. Once the doors open we booked it and we scrambled into the stadium, pushing people aside, we got right to the front middle of the stage, we hung on to the front railing for dear life and it was crazy people were pushing and shoving finally everybody calmed down a bit, then suddenly we get tapped on the shoulder and turn around. See these two extremely hot women right behind us they said: hey guys we will show you our boobs if you let us stand in front of you. Mike and I look at each other and said “Fuck No!” and turn around to face the stage.

Mike got a bunch of piercings and nipple rings and standard psychedelic Tool fan tattooes etc. At one point it seemed like he was struggling more than normal, internally struggling with something, and I thought I knew what it was.   and I said to him late one night when we were walking around our neighbourhood I said. Mike, you can tell me it’s all good, I love you man no matter what, you can just tell me if it’s bottled up inside man. Mike, are you gay?
He was like: naw man. Hahaha shit. Thanks for checking though.
I was like: Oh ok. (we walk a bit more) Well, what’s going on then?
Mike: Just frustrated because the crack I downloaded for my torrent of Starcraft 2 is cycling into a load screen loop and won’t boot up.
Oh. OK.

But you know joking aside, at some points we were worried about Mike because he was so into computers and heavy metal and reddit and he was isolated and antisocial. At some points and I was worried I was going to lose him but you know what he fought his way out.

We trained Kung Fu together pretty seriously for about 6 years and asides from Mike being very dangerous and crazy as a martial artist (remember the grade 3 ninja kicks), I think he really learned the underlying philosophy of martial arts from our teachers, because I saw his whole demeanor change. He opened up way more, he smiled more, he trusted himself more in social situations.

He really embraced other people and started going out with new friends all the time, going to dance parties and just becoming a sweetheart.

My relationship with my wife Lisa, when we first got together, was very tumultulous for many years and a lot of my friends didn’t give her a chance… but Mike was basically my only friend to really be nice to Lisa. They met and became instant friends and ran off together the next day to binge watch game of thrones and giggle together and stuff. I dunno, it really meant a lot to me that Mike just embraced her.

And Lisa loved Mike and she brought him to a party one night where Thea was at. And it was just an instant chemical reaction between those two. Thea is so full of happiness and love and life, and her and Mike just clicked and danced and laughed, and basically made out all night.

Thea I’m so happy Mike found you and I know you guys are meant for each other. He couldn’t have found a more caring and beautiful partner, and I look forward to many years of hanging out with you guys and raising our families together.

And just remember, if you’re on a road trip or something and Mike starts getting testy or grumpy, just stop at a diner and get the guy some pancakes and you should be good for the next 4-6 hours.