Lisa Pham Flowers is a Vietnamese Canadian filmmaker & editor. The experience of growing up in foster care in East Vancouver has shaped her unique perspective on food, family, class, and memory. In recent years she has reconnected with her Vietnamese roots in Haiphong and continues to reconcile her painful past with her present. Lisa studied film at Simon Fraser University and has over a decade of post production experience. Her editing work comprises a wide-range of narrative short films, music videos, commercial projects, and documentaries. She is currently finishing her first feature film JIMBO with husband Ryan Flowers, and writing a collection of autobiographical short stories titled GLASS ATTIC.

Lisa and Ryan have Pet Rabbits (L-R: Thomas, Willow, Griffin, & Cindy) and 2 Cats (brothers Holder & Chewy) and their precious rabbit George Pham (2016-2018). Please follow their pet instagram account @bunnybunnycatcat if you are interested to see more photos.

Custom Order Baking Business

Lisa started baking professionally (as a Side-Hustle) in 2019 and her business has grown to be very successful and busy in Vancouver. She creates her own recipes and colour palettes, and her Ermine Buttercream is praised for being 'not too sweet', which adds a touch of sophistication to her treats.


Lisa began making movies in High School where she won several awards, then attended Simon Fraser University Film Program where she wrote, directed and edited movies on 16mm film. She is Co-Founder of Shakey Films with Ryan Flowers and Tyler Hagan, and she is the Founder of her own production company Tober Films. Her movies have screened at many festivals (including the Toronto International Film Festival), and they are known for their unique blend of sadness, humour and beauty.

Lisa is also an experienced and dedicated 1st Assistant Editor specializing in scripted Film & Television and she is currently working on a Netflix show called Firefly Lane. Credited editing experience on Independent Short Films, Documentaries, & Music Videos. Freelance Writer & Director. First feature JIMBO: TRUE DELUSIONS currently in post production.


ABANDON SHIP | Short Essay Film


Lisa began playing music at a young age and was in a band with her dad Perry and her brother Kai. She is currently working on an album with Ryan. She sings, plays piano, keyboards and guitar.